Liquid color paste


The range of liquid colouring pastes developed by Resal cover many applications in the polyurethane  industry , unsaturated polyester applications and PVC also. The great experience of Resal in PU systems  has given a remarkable impulse  to the quality

Resal’s liquid colouring pastes are divided:


Colouring pastes for PU completely pthalates and heavy metals free. These products are vegetable oils  based from the laboratories purposely inner selected and are all concistent ones to enforced norms.  Are studied and guaranteed for elevatine rendered color,homogeneity of the colour,compatibility with PU systems ,easy dosage in head metering unit and in polyol side.


Liquid colouring pastes for unsaturated polyesters and epoxies


Liquid colouring pastes for PVC

All the Resal pastes are produced with pigments at elevated resistance to heat and light.

I settori in cui  vengono applicate sono :


colourated slabs or opaline,chairs,furnitures. Possibility to obtain pearly or iridescent effects.


dashboards,head rest,steering wheels, change knobs


  • casting low and hight hardness shoe soles insoles
  • direct injection of midsoles and outsoles
  • direct injection of boots
  • ether and ester polyurethane systems based

PU Elastomers:

  • TDI/amine based
  • Ether  or ester  PU systems based
  • RIM systems
  • Microcellular  PU systems


  • elevated colouring power, hight compatibilità with the system

Flexible foams:

  • moulding,slabstock and discontinuous blocks,toys

Rigid Foams:

  • structural foams,floricultural foams, wood imitation, rigid blocks