Are products for  finish and improve, protect a several plastic materials like PU,PVC and ABS . Resal has developed a warnish  series ,solvent or water borne, 1 or 2 K following the better requirements for the application on the final products.

Resal warnishes has a perfect adhesion to the surfaces, elevated properties physicist-mechanics, good elasticity and superficial hardness, rapidity of drying and immense finish range and able protecting  the support.

Main applications:




Vernilac description:

Verniacqua 1K :

water based  one component varnish  for application in mould  on PU supports with various effects.

Verniacqua 1K IMC S/R :

based one component varnish where  a constant application of the release agents is not demanded.

Verniacqua 2K IMC :

two  component  water based varnish for  IMC ( in mould coating) on PU Support

Vernilac 1K IMC e IMC CONC:

solvent  based  one component varnish  for IMC application. A customer final dilution  is requested sometimes.

Vernilac 2K IMC e IMC CONC :

two component solvent based for IMC applications on PU. Advised in fields where elevated resistance is requested.

Vernilac 1K TC :

solvent based one component varnish for application on support PU with bright or opaque effectcs.

Vernilac  2K TC :

two components solvent based varnishfor application on PU,various plastics supports with bright or opaque effects. Advised in fields  where  elevated resistance is requested.

Vernilac 1K e 2K TC S/A :

solvent bases varnishes that do not need to washing the support.